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the future is nearly here

Vikatec was created with the sole intention of giving people more leisure/family time, so they can do the things that are important to them.   We want to remove some of the new burdens that technology has placed on us - like how long we read unwanted mails - the time it takes to get information - the hours in automated queuing systems.    
'All our clients are our number one client' CEO - 2006/2007 general meeting

All of these new time takers can be made to work for us by better automation, integration and Artificial Intelligence.   An email system that scans itself and deals with most of the mail - fully integrated systems that provide all information to all systems instantly - computers that wait in the queue, then tell you when to take over.    
All these and many more advanced Artificial Intelligence projects are being actively worked by Vikatec and our dedicated staff, to make technology better for all of us in the near future. We have a full prospectus of new products to develop over the next eight years.   Time will no longer be needlessly taken by machines - they will provide it.   
we will help you prepare for this future of e-commerce, automation and integration

Our goal is to give all customers access to 'Information Technology' - faster, cheaper and easier then ever before, we make this happen by utilising the latest automation, integration and Artificial Intelligence products so you don't have to!
your success is our priority

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